What to do if your dog urinates on the carpet

If you have a problem dog that has urinated on your entrance mat or on the carpet in your living room, it may be difficult to find a solution to the problem. You might be tempted to use a homemade method (such as a blend of vinegar and baking soda or soda water) however this could discolor your carpet. You may also want to call a carpet cleaning specialist to help you detect dog urine in the carpet with a black light, however, make sure that they use neutralizing odors for the animal urine. To quickly and efficiently settle a urine problem on a carpet, consider using some store bought cleaners.

Simple to use, these products are an odor neutralizer made from alcohol that specifically neutralizes the smell of animal urine. Unlike a deodorizer, a neutralizer does not only temporarily mask the odor, it permanently eliminates it. Moreover, since they are not based on enzymes, they are effective both on urine encrusted for several hours and on that impregnated for years.

How to Eliminate Dog Urine on Carpet

dog peeIf your carpet is thick or has an underlay, it is important to use the product with a syringe. Indeed, as gravity draws the urine down, a single vaporization of the product might not reach the source of the bad odor. In addition, if the pee has been there for several months or years, or your dog has been urinated several times in the same place, with gravity, the urine is probably found in the carpet or in the wood underneath the carpet. It is therefore important to treat this area and not just the surface of the carpet.

To eliminate the urine odor of a dog, you only need to determine where the urine is and circle around the affected area, taking care to get it all completely.

As the urine may have passed the visible area, it is important to treat the problem somewhat broader.

Subsequently, insert the cleaner into a syringe and inject the product by applying downward pressure in order to reach the urine. At each injection, insert 10 CC of product into the mat. Take care to treat the problem from the outside to the inside, respecting a space of 2.5 cm between each injection. To finish, spray it on the affected area.

How to Clean Dog Urine on a Thin Carpet

If the urine is on a thin carpet, you just have to spray the cleaner directly on the spot where your pet has urinated. Leave on and repeat as needed. As the carpet is thinner, the urine stays on the surface, so you will not have to use a syringe.

Ridiculous Divorce Claim Stories

divorceA divorced Montreal woman is claiming a ridiculous sum per month in support of her wealthy husband in a battle that will make history. She is asking for 230k/month.

This file of divorce will become the most important in the history of the country if it starts as planned next October at the courthouse. An agreement between the parties seems unlikely based on the some troubles over the years.

In the meantime, an army of experts is squandering its weapons in preparation for this trial, which is expected to last between six and eight weeks. Among them are a dozen lawyers and several high level accountants.

Experts Weigh In

The stakes are enormous. She is asking for a lot for what she provided. Sure there is companionship but is it worth that much?

She says she wants to maintain the way of life, according to her own description, which she had while they were a couple.

Never seen before

It’s definitely the biggest cause of divorce in history, comments more well-known lawyers. In this case, however, the woman did not play a significant part in the building of the man’s business so that should not be part of the settlement.

It is not the case of this divorce that is taking shape: this time, the woman has been married for nearly 30 years and there are a lot of complications.
It should be noted that the Quebec legislation prohibits the appointment of spouses involved in marital causes.

Vancouver BC Tourism

Bordered by the Pacific Ocean and dominated by the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, Vancouver is very green, very clean and quite tranquil. You will not find the frenzy that can be experienced in the rest of North American cities. The rhythm is rather relaxed, with a population very focused on the environment and very impregnated of the Asian culture. There is a great multiculturalism and the hippie influence is still present.

Must See

Vancouver BC tourist attractions that you must see are, Stanley Park, Vancouver’s green forest, with its famous red cedars of the West, its views of the bay and the harbor, its aboriginal testimonies in the totem park, its aquarium The largest in Canada – where you can get to know the sea animals along the walks. The 400-hectare park is one of the most renowned and popular across the world.

The small Granville Island is also worth a visit, for its popular market and its many small shops. It is a very charming place with many street artists and plenty of local products (crafts), not to mention its theaters and art galleries. It is also the best place for yoga lover there are over a thousand yoga classes in Vancouver.

Nature lovers can then cross the Lion’s Gate Bridge to North Vancouver and go onto the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which is the longest and highest in the world. They can also take the cable car to climb to the top of Grouse Mountain and cross the grizzly and gray wolves at the shelter for the protection of endangered wildlife.

Finally, art enthusiasts will not fail to stop at the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia (UBC). This art and culture museum of the world shows a huge collection of artifacts and aboriginal art to know everything about the first peoples of the West Coast.

How To Prevent Your Dog From Escaping

dog digging outHaving your dog escape is always frustrating.  Luckily there are some preventative measure you can take to prevent your dog from getting out of his cage or escaping when you go on a walk/run.

Although it is obvious, you should always take your dog out on a leash when you go out for a walk. Choose the one that best suits the size and build of your dog, they can be short, long, stretchy, harness type, etc. Whatever your choice, you will be able to walk your pooch in peace and without incident. And do not forget that the use of leash is mandatory in a lot of places.

A dog needs to walk and play but you have to be careful and keep an eye on it at all times. In cities, there are more and more dog parks or areas where dogs can spend a while running without the risk of escaping. These are well-defined areas with safety fences that prevent the animals from getting out. Many of these areas have games for your dog like tunnels and obstacles for him to have fun, and also areas with trees where he can rest and frolic.

Your dog is your friend and your companion of life, when you create a strong bond with him , you love him and you take care of him much better. When your relationship with your pet is very strong, it is much harder for him to misbehave when out. The best way to get this bond is by playing, giving it affection and taking care of it. Also, visual communication is very important with your pet, teach them to look at you and little by little he will understand this language and he will respect you as his master.

You must teach your dog to always come back whenever you call him . This is a basic lesson in canine trainign, and if he is able to learn, it is less likely that he will get lost. The best way to train your dog is by rewarding him with food , choose your dog’s favorite cookies so that when he sees them, he comes back immediately. When you go out to walk your dog, take a pocket of rewards to encourage this good behavior.

If you follow all these tips then we are sure that you will have no problems with your furry friend escaping.

Yoga Culture In Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the most popular cities in the world to practice yoga.  There are over 1500 yoga classes that take place per week making it a hotspot in the yoga community.  Everywhere you go you can see the sight of lulu lemon pants as the ladies love to wear these quite a bit.


Yoga Accessories

There are some yoga accessories that you simply shouldn’t do without.  We are going to go over some of the most popular ones here. At number one we have malas.  Malas are a bracelet/necklace of beads that will help you to have a better yoga session. They do this by giving you sacred energy and meanings that will greatly enhance your practice.  It is a reflection of the journey in yoga and the spiritual aspect of it.  Malas can stand for whatever the user wants them to making them a top accesory for any yoga practitioner.  If you run a yoga shop then here is a good wholesale distributor of malas.  The next accessory that nobody should go without is a good mat.  This is an obvious but important one.  The main purpose of a mat is to prevent slipping while you are practicing.  There are many different types of mats and materials.  We recommend going with PVC.

Where to Practice?

Whether you want to practice in a studio or outdoors when it isn’t raining there will be a place for you.  One of the most recommended studios is Moksha.  It has free parking and apples for after the session.  It has a 1 hour class every Friday and donations go to charity.  If you want to practice outdoors then look no further than kits.  Just go down to the showboat area and have a session!

We predict that yoga culture in Vancouver will only continue to get bigger.



How To Find The Best Plumber Around

servicesIf you are having a plumbing emergency and you need help, you do not want to call on just anyone. There are many plumbers available out there, but not all of them are worth the investment of time and money. In the event that you have been having a hard time finding a decent provider, you may find the following information quite useful.

Head to online review sites for information. This is an excellent way to find out which plumbers are solid options and which should be placed on the ignore list. You should never hire anyone based on one or two good reviews; they should be used as a guide to get you started on your search.  Also head to their site and check out their services page to see what they offer.

Once you have compiled a list of wonderful possibilities, you should call a few to ask for quotes. This should involve them coming out and taking a look. It would be great if this was a free service, but sometimes you will have to pay a fee for their time. Any plumber who tries to give you a quote without seeing the job in person is probably not a great candidate.

After several plumbers have come to check out your problem, make sure that you ask each of them to provide you with proof of license, insurance and references. If anyone fails to provide all three of these, they should no longer be taken into consideration.

A great plumber is not the easiest thing in the world to find, but it does not have to be an impossible task either. The key is to tackle this task using the right approach. As long as you adhere to the advice you were offered here, you should not have any problem finding someone who is qualified for the job.