Ridiculous Divorce Claim Stories

divorceA divorced Montreal woman is claiming a ridiculous sum per month in support of her wealthy husband in a battle that will make history. She is asking for 230k/month.

This file of divorce will become the most important in the history of the country if it starts as planned next October at the courthouse. An agreement between the parties seems unlikely based on the some troubles over the years.

In the meantime, an army of experts is squandering its weapons in preparation for this trial, which is expected to last between six and eight weeks. Among them are a dozen lawyers and several high level accountants.

Experts Weigh In

The stakes are enormous. She is asking for a lot for what she provided. Sure there is companionship but is it worth that much?

She says she wants to maintain the way of life, according to her own description, which she had while they were a couple.

Never seen before

It’s definitely the biggest cause of divorce in history, comments more well-known lawyers. In this case, however, the woman did not play a significant part in the building of the man’s business so that should not be part of the settlement.

It is not the case of this divorce that is taking shape: this time, the woman has been married for nearly 30 years and there are a lot of complications.
It should be noted that the Quebec legislation prohibits the appointment of spouses involved in marital causes.

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Vancouver BC Tourism

Bordered by the Pacific Ocean and dominated by the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, Vancouver is very green, very clean and quite tranquil. You will not find the frenzy that can be experienced in the rest of North American cities. The rhythm is rather relaxed, with a population very focused on the environment and very impregnated of the Asian culture. There is a great multiculturalism and the hippie influence is still present.

Must See

Vancouver BC tourist attractions that you must see are, Stanley Park, Vancouver’s green forest, with its famous red cedars of the West, its views of the bay and the harbor, its aboriginal testimonies in the totem park, its aquarium The largest in Canada – where you can get to know the sea animals along the walks. The 400-hectare park is one of the most renowned and popular across the world.

The small Granville Island is also worth a visit, for its popular market and its many small shops. It is a very charming place with many street artists and plenty of local products (crafts), not to mention its theaters and art galleries. It is also the best place for yoga lover there are over a thousand yoga classes in Vancouver.

Nature lovers can then cross the Lion’s Gate Bridge to North Vancouver and go onto the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which is the longest and highest in the world. They can also take the cable car to climb to the top of Grouse Mountain and cross the grizzly and gray wolves at the shelter for the protection of endangered wildlife.

Finally, art enthusiasts will not fail to stop at the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia (UBC). This art and culture museum of the world shows a huge collection of artifacts and aboriginal art to know everything about the first peoples of the West Coast.

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Yoga Culture In Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the most popular cities in the world to practice yoga.  There are over 1500 yoga classes that take place per week making it a hotspot in the yoga community.  Everywhere you go you can see the sight of lulu lemon pants as the ladies love to wear these quite a bit.


Yoga Accessories

There are some yoga accessories that you simply shouldn’t do without.  We are going to go over some of the most popular ones here. At number one we have malas.  Malas are a bracelet/necklace of beads that will help you to have a better yoga session. They do this by giving you sacred energy and meanings that will greatly enhance your practice.  It is a reflection of the journey in yoga and the spiritual aspect of it.  Malas can stand for whatever the user wants them to making them a top accesory for any yoga practitioner.  If you run a yoga shop then here is a good wholesale distributor of malas.  The next accessory that nobody should go without is a good mat.  This is an obvious but important one.  The main purpose of a mat is to prevent slipping while you are practicing.  There are many different types of mats and materials.  We recommend going with PVC.

Where to Practice?

Whether you want to practice in a studio or outdoors when it isn’t raining there will be a place for you.  One of the most recommended studios is Moksha.  It has free parking and apples for after the session.  It has a 1 hour class every Friday and donations go to charity.  If you want to practice outdoors then look no further than kits.  Just go down to the showboat area and have a session!

We predict that yoga culture in Vancouver will only continue to get bigger.



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