How To Prevent Your Dog From Escaping

dog digging outHaving your dog escape is always frustrating.  Luckily there are some preventative measure you can take to prevent your dog from getting out of his cage or escaping when you go on a walk/run.

Although it is obvious, you should always take your dog out on a leash when you go out for a walk. Choose the one that best suits the size and build of your dog, they can be short, long, stretchy, harness type, etc. Whatever your choice, you will be able to walk your pooch in peace and without incident. And do not forget that the use of leash is mandatory in a lot of places.

A dog needs to walk and play but you have to be careful and keep an eye on it at all times. In cities, there are more and more dog parks or areas where dogs can spend a while running without the risk of escaping. These are well-defined areas with safety fences that prevent the animals from getting out. Many of these areas have games for your dog like tunnels and obstacles for him to have fun, and also areas with trees where he can rest and frolic.

Your dog is your friend and your companion of life, when you create a strong bond with him , you love him and you take care of him much better. When your relationship with your pet is very strong, it is much harder for him to misbehave when out. The best way to get this bond is by playing, giving it affection and taking care of it. Also, visual communication is very important with your pet, teach them to look at you and little by little he will understand this language and he will respect you as his master.

You must teach your dog to always come back whenever you call him . This is a basic lesson in canine trainign, and if he is able to learn, it is less likely that he will get lost. The best way to train your dog is by rewarding him with food , choose your dog’s favorite cookies so that when he sees them, he comes back immediately. When you go out to walk your dog, take a pocket of rewards to encourage this good behavior.

If you follow all these tips then we are sure that you will have no problems with your furry friend escaping.

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