What to do if your dog urinates on the carpet

If you have a problem dog that has urinated on your entrance mat or on the carpet in your living room, it may be difficult to find a solution to the problem. You might be tempted to use a homemade method (such as a blend of vinegar and baking soda or soda water) however this could discolor your carpet. You may also want to call a carpet cleaning specialist to help you detect dog urine in the carpet with a black light, however, make sure that they use neutralizing odors for the animal urine. To quickly and efficiently settle a urine problem on a carpet, consider using some store bought cleaners.

Simple to use, these products are an odor neutralizer made from alcohol that specifically neutralizes the smell of animal urine. Unlike a deodorizer, a neutralizer does not only temporarily mask the odor, it permanently eliminates it. Moreover, since they are not based on enzymes, they are effective both on urine encrusted for several hours and on that impregnated for years.

How to Eliminate Dog Urine on Carpet

dog peeIf your carpet is thick or has an underlay, it is important to use the product with a syringe. Indeed, as gravity draws the urine down, a single vaporization of the product might not reach the source of the bad odor. In addition, if the pee has been there for several months or years, or your dog has been urinated several times in the same place, with gravity, the urine is probably found in the carpet or in the wood underneath the carpet. It is therefore important to treat this area and not just the surface of the carpet.

To eliminate the urine odor of a dog, you only need to determine where the urine is and circle around the affected area, taking care to get it all completely.

As the urine may have passed the visible area, it is important to treat the problem somewhat broader.

Subsequently, insert the cleaner into a syringe and inject the product by applying downward pressure in order to reach the urine. At each injection, insert 10 CC of product into the mat. Take care to treat the problem from the outside to the inside, respecting a space of 2.5 cm between each injection. To finish, spray it on the affected area.

How to Clean Dog Urine on a Thin Carpet

If the urine is on a thin carpet, you just have to spray the cleaner directly on the spot where your pet has urinated. Leave on and repeat as needed. As the carpet is thinner, the urine stays on the surface, so you will not have to use a syringe.

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